Sunday, June 3, 2012

The One Skill That You Must Develop Before Opening a Child Care Center

 It takes great Leadership to Build a Great Child Care Center!

Opening a childcare center is a major step and it will be a very successful business if you open the business with the information that you need to succeed!

Prior to opening my childcare center in 2003, I previously owned a family home childcare business from 1998-2003. Owning and operating a family home daycare business gave me a head start on how to plan lessons, deal with parents, manage the finances in my business, but it did not prepare me in the area of Leadership!

In fact, the Leadership Guru, John Maxwell said, " Everything rises and falls on Leadership." In other words, your center will only rise or fall according to the level of your leadership.

Furthermore, I believe that all entrepreneurs are leaders, however, your leadership skills must be developed in order for your business to grow.

During the first two years of owning my center, I really struggled in the area of leadership and this caused a major turnover in my business. Once I began to read leadership books and study John Maxwell teachings on leadership, my turnover reduced dramatically, I developed a great rapport with my staff and there was so much more unity in my center.

Now I am not saying that because you are a great leader that your staff issues with go away, but I am will tell you that a great leader is a great problem solver!

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Shiketa Morgan
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