My Name is Shiketa Morgan and I am the author of the 10 Steps to Starting-up a Child Care Business. I wrote this e-book to provide you with a step-by- step guide that provides you with information that you will need to know during the start-up process. Furthermore, the information that you discover in the e-book will help to  make the start-up process less frustrating.

When I started my Child Care Business in 1998, there seemed to be very little start-up assistance and I was forced to adapt to the "Learn as you go Philosphy." To be quite honest with you, I do not recommend that practice.

In fact, when you learn as you go, the journey can be so frustrating and you will spend countless hours discovering the right way to start-up or effectively manage your business.

Take it from me, your start-up journey will be less frustrating when you choose to learn from someone that has been where you are trying to Go!

Know before you go...Order Your copy of the, 10 Steps to Starting a Child Care Business Today!

Shiketa Morgan
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