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Need Inspiration to Start That Child Care Business in 2013?

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The weekly coaching calls are what I look forward to despite the issues I am facing on the job.  The pressure is pushing me forward to my destiny.   I am inspired to focus and come up with my plan of action.  Thank you again for your willingness and sincerity of sharing and coaching! 
~ PJ, Georgia

Mrs. Morgan, is an effective coach that understands her role to be dependable, engaged, authentic and tunes into the needs of her client." 
~Juanita Montague, FLorida

"When I first started my childcare business I could say I was a little lost when it came to designing and maximizing my space. But, after working with Mrs. Morgan I realized the potential and we devised a space that is not only warm, family friendly, but is absolutely educational in every aspect. I can proudly state that I have not had one visitor that was not our setting. "
~Ann, Family Home Child Care Business Owner in St. Louis, MO

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