Friday, September 16, 2011

Be Sure to Get all the Facts Before You Start-up That Child Care Business

In 2002, I was ready to expand my family home childcare business into a center. So, I decided to buy a book on how to operate a childcare center. That book was filled with great tips and hand-outs, however, much of the advice in the book was not relevant to what I've experienced in the business of childcare.

In fact, many of the tips that I applied, just did not work for me and I struggled because I did not have the knowledge that I needed to operate the business. So, much of what I learned in the business was by experience.

You may be thinking that, learning from experience is a great way to gain business experience. That may be true, but after 13 years in the business, I have learned good counsel, will help you to avoid many pitfalls in business.

If you have questions about the start-up process and how to get started, my e-book: 10 Steps To Starting up a Childcare Business will give you relevant information that will help you to succeed as you get started!

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To Your Success,
Shiketa Morgan

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