Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How Do You Know It's Time To Start That Child Care Business?

Several hours prior to writing this blog post, I was on a Coaching call with a woman who wants to start a Childcare Center. In fact, that coaching session inspired me to write this blog post, because it was so exciting. Moreover, the client reminded me of how excited I was to quit my job as a Medical Assistant to start my own in home childcare business.

In fact, As we talked I was getting excited for her, because she knows what she wants and has realized that if she wants to start-up the right way; she must consult someone who has been where she wants to go.

I must say, at the end of the call, I knew that she was ready to start a childcare business and she knew that she had found the right coach!

Today I want to share with you, three indications that you are ready to start that childcare business and they are as follows:
  1. You realize that where you are, no longer works for you
  2. All you think about is starting that childcare business
  3. You are in search of someone who can help you get started
If you answered yes to all of the above indicators, you are ready to start that childcare business! Be sure to contact me today for your 30-minute complimentary coaching session and download the ebook, 10 steps to starting that childcare business.

To Your Success,
Shiketa Morgan 


  1. Hello!
    I currently operate a small licensed day care! I was going to expand to a large but my home is a split level and the main living is upstairs and we would need to add a second exit, since this is a rental we can not do this. So we thought of moving, but moving was a mess that would be especially with licensing and current clients that chose me because of location. So it struck me why not just open that life long dream of opening a center. I dream of this all day long...the idea of having several children the same age rather then 6 children ranging from 9 months to 2.8. I then can really be creative and do more activities because transitions will not be as challenging and I will have helpers! My ideas are all over the place! My problem is funding?? Do I try to but my on building or rent? Location?? I live in an upscale community that the average income is $89,000 and there is over 100,000 residence, but there are 17 day care centers already. Will I be successful still? My heart kind of wants to help a low income community as I am from a low income community and now the importance of finding quality child care. So I have the thought, but many of my questions need to be answered before I proceed! Do you understand?

    1. Follow your heart. I also recommend that you join the 21-Day Mastermind eClub on my blog: