Monday, January 2, 2012

Creating a Timeline for your Child Care Business Start-up

It's time to get that start-up process on paper!

Opening a Child Care Business can be a lot of work, however, if the process is planned and mapped out, it will be a less stressful process.

Moreover, if you think about all that you have to do to open up your childcare business, you may begin to ger overwhelmed and begin to procastinate the start-up process.

So, stop thinking about all that you have to do started and write it down. In fact, making a time line for your start-up project can be easy as this process below:

Week 1- Write the Business Plan
Week 2- Find a building or prepare  space in home
Week 3- Licensing Visit
Week 4- Sign the lease and get insurance
Week 5- Purchase equipment for facility

Week 1- Market the business online, newspaper, etc
Week 2- Set-up the website
Week 3- Set-up classrooms or set-up space in home/Final Licensing visit
Week 4- Interview for potential employees

Week 1- Plan Open House
Week 2-Open Date

The time line above was simply an example of how you can stay organized by creating a plan for all that needs to be done during the start-up process. For more tips on getting started, check out the 10 Steps to Starting a Childcare Business e-book!


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