Friday, July 8, 2011

Why Start a Child Care Business?

According to the National Association of Childcare Resource and Referral Agency 2010 Child Care Facts report, "more than 11 million children under age 5 in the United States are in some type of child care arrangement every week. On average, the children of working mothers spend 36 hours a week in child care. About one-third of these children are in multiple childcare arrangements so that parents can meet the demands for child care during traditional and nontraditional working hours.

Starting up a childcare business can be an exciting time, however, it can be overwhelming if you are not sure how to get started. Take a look at 10 steps of starting-up a childcare business and evaluate if a childcare business is right for you.

Step 1- Have you evaluated if a childcare business is right for you?

Step2- Where will you start your childcare business? In your home or in a Commercial location?

Step 3-Will the business be structured as a soleproprietor or a corporation?  

Step 4-Have you assesed the need for childcare in your area?You will succeed...where there is a need!

Step 5-How will you finance the business? Borrow the money, use your savings or use a credit care?  

Step 6- Do you know how much equipment you will need for a home daycare?

Step 7- Do you know how much equipment you will need to start-up a childcare center? 

Step 8- Are you good at managing money? 

Step 9- Do you have a Business Plan? You must have a plan to succeed! 

Step 10- Time to create an action plan and get started! 

Are You A Home Provider that Wants to 
Start-up a Child Care Center?

10 Steps to Start-up up a Child Care e-book will take you through all 10 of the steps listed above and will serve as a step by step guide during the start-up process. 

Photo of 10 Steps to Starting a Child Care Business

Wishing you much success! Feel free to post your business start-up questions below.

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